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Tourist resort

Tourist resort Kopaonik is one of the biggest resorts in Balkan region.  Situated in southern part of Serbia, only 270 km away from its capital Belgrade, Kopaonik is well connected by highway and regional roads from different directions.

Due to nature and good climate conditions, Kopaonik certainly is a ideal place for relaxing and outdoor activities. It is the most popular winter destination in Serbia, and very active during the summer season. In the upper region of Kopaonik, in the area of Flat Kopaonik (Ravni Kopaonik) nests a tourist resort at an altitude of 1780 meters above sea level.

The largest number of hotels, apartments, villas – all the supporting infrastructure is located in the area of Ravni Kopaonik. Modern hotels with sport facilities, swimming polls, gyms, conference hall, cinema, restaurants, sporting goods stores, all of that can be found here.

Accommodation facilities are different in terms of type, category and prices, so that guests can, in addition to hotel accommodation, choose private accommodation, apartments, mountain homes etc. Additional activities such as ski duo, ski and snowboard school, enclose parts for children are also set here. The area of Flat Kopaonik, is also where the most of the ski center is located with more than 60 kilometers of alpine slopes and nearly 18km of nordic.

The second part of the tourist center is located at the eastern slopes of Mount Kopaonik, 13 kilometers down the road, at the place Brzeće at an altitude of 1100m. This part of resort has experienced vast expansion over the few past years. So the visitors have a large offer from hotels, apartments or private houses. Leisure facilities like swimming pools and other sport facilities, restaurants, markets can be found at this part too. The village Brzece is connected with chair lifts Bela reka 1 i Bela reka 2 with other lifts and the rest of the ski center. A  lot of places have their own transportation to the center of Kopaonik resort, and besides that also cab fairs can be found as well as a bus that goes once a day to the center and back.

The third part of the tourist resort Kopaonik, located on the opposite side, the western slopes of Kopaonik, on his way to Rudnica and Raska  3.5 km from the central part is a place called Vikend naselje. It represents a great settlement of houses and apartments, something similar to a mountain village. Originally the village was a place for people keeping their cadle in the summer time, but today it has a different appearance made primary of private houses, apartments and a few hotels. Here you will find some restaurants, a few markets, and newly built spa center “Kraljevi cardaci”. This part is connected with the ski center with a ski lift Suncana dolina located only about a mile from the village.

This is a very good alternative to accommodation in center in term of price and quality. There are different kind of transports to the center if you aren’t going with your own car.

A cab fair  is approximately 400 dinars ( approx 4 euros) and a lot of hotels an apartments have their own transportation.

Kopaonik is a resort with very active life during the winter as well as summer. Pedestrian excursions, mountaineer bike trips, horseback riding, English language camps, tennis and ski camps are being organized. There are many programs suitable for children and primarily made for adults such as weight loss programs and many other fitness programs.

Many sports facilities are ideal for sports team preparation. Seminars and conferences for many participants are held here. Because of the large indentation of relief Kopaonik offers ideal conditions for paragliding.

Thanks to the developed tourist resort with modern hotels and related facilities, Kopaonik has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Serbia.



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