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Ski resort

This well-known tourist resort gives possibilities to visitors to prove their skiing skills at the first-class prepared ski runs.

Ski resort Kopaonik comprises of 55 km of arranged runs for alpine skiing and 18 km for Nordic disciplines.

In warmer weather conditions not to spoil enjoyment of Kopaonik visitors, ski resort is equipped with system for artificial snowing that gives the opportunity of covering 70% of ski resort with artificial snow. Ski slopes that are covered by the system for artificial snowing are: Karaman A i B, Pancicev vrh, Duboka 1 i 2, Sunčana dolina, Malo jezero, Krst, Krčmar, Kneževske bare, Mali Karaman, Marine vode, Karaman and ski ways.

All the runs are connected by a system of chairlifts and ski lifts; total capacity is 32,000 skiers per hour. This system comprises of one six-seater chairlift (total capacity 3.000 skiers per hour) 4 four-seater chairlifts (total capacity 10.000 skiers per hour), 3 fixed four-seater with magic carpets for loading skiers (total capacity 6.200 skiers per hour), 3 two-seaters of the capacity 3.600 skiers per hour, 10 ski lifts and 3 ski lifts binding. In addition to the runs for alpine and Nordic disciplines, ski resort Kopaonik has also a skating rink and a snowboard park where many local and international competitions are organized. The ski center is equipped with conveyor belt and carousel for children.

The ski run “Malo jezero” is prepared for night skiing and open daily from 19-22h.

Practically whole three parts of Kopaonik resort are now connected in one big skiing resort. Village Brzece is connected with two chair lifts, Bela reka 1 and Bela reka 2, to the central part of the resort and village Vikend naselje is only one km far away from the closest lift Suncana dolina, a four chair one.


High of Resort – 1770m
Highest ski point – 2.017m
Total length of slopes – 55.000m
Total capacity of lifts skiers/hour – 32 000
Number of chair lifts, ski lifts and connecting ski lifts – 24
Easy slopes – 21
Medium slopes – 9
Dificult slopes – 6
Maximum vertical rise – 512m
Longest run – 3.500m
Lenght of night slope – 450m
Cross country trails 18km

There are three FIS standard runs: slalom, giant slalom, super G


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