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An essential part of every successful ski resort are well organized services that can provide order and safety on the trails and at the resort. At Kopaonik ski resort these important issues are entrusted to the . “Ski Resorts of Serbia” company with its Monitor department and Inspection of the Slopes Department, then to the members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Police Department) and Mountain Rescue Squad.

For most of the visitors and active skiers information about Mountain Rescue Squad and the way how the things are operated are most important.


Mountain Rescue Service (GSS – Gorska Sluzba Spasavanja) at Kopaonik resort is there to provide assistance in the event of an accident on the slopes and in the resort. Rescue team of 11 well-trained, adequately prepared and equipped rescuers in every shift, spread throughout the resort, is there to provide the necessary assistance throughout the season.

In case of any accident on the slopes during operation of lifts, as well as in the cases of loss on the mountain  CALL  +381 63 / 466 466 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Or you can stop any of the rescuer on the course, recognizable by the distinctive red jackets with clear formation symbols and emblems of the GSS, with red backpacks for first aid on the back. This number +381 63 466 466 every person should have in a memory of a phone during the stay at Kopaonik resort! From this year the phone number of Mountain Rescue Squad is printed on some ski tickets as well as on the official ski maps.

In case of an accident, during the call is necessary to specify the exact location of the accident with a short description about the accident  and afterwards wait still until help comes. Only in case you did so, that the Mountain Rescue Service took part in taking care of your injuries, the costs of your medical treatments will be covered by the insurance entirely. Insurance that you get by buying a ski ticket at Kopaonik resort.

Mountain Rescue Squad actions at Kopaonik resort include taking care of injuries on mark or unmarked slopes, finding and taking care of skiers and pedestrians in the event of loss on the mountain,  evacuation of people from the ski lifts, providing special events – such as ski and snowboard competition. Rescue Service is trained to operates in the most extreme conditions and provide first aid, adequate, safe and quick transport to the nearest hospital.

It is important to mention that in any case of accident at the unmarked slopes, the Rescue Service will take care of your injury and transport you to the nearest hospital but the insurance will not cover the costs of your treatments.

Mountain Rescue Service is voluntary and unprofitable organization driven primarily by the cause of helping and rescuing endangered or injured people from difficult, mountain and urban environment. Our skilled and equipped rescuers are the last resort and hope for people in need. We take our role in cases when relevant civil and military instances have no more solutions.

Mountain Rescue Service is a specific and elite part of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia. Mountain rescue service was founded in 1953 as a part of climbing and alpinist division. At that time, the main goal was to rescue people from high mountain and rock environment. Organization, members, equipment and techniques of Mountain Rescue Squad were very much the same as of that similar organization and services throughout Europe ‘s Alpine region. In late 70′s it was realized that mountaineering conditions and activities in Serbia are not that similar to Alps . Consequently there were significant modifications of concepts and principles referring to the structure of the Mountain Rescue Squad and the rescuer profile.

Today, Mountain Rescue Service specializes in performing rescue actions in high mountains, rock, caves, skiing centers and urban environment, in every condition. Our service numbers about 150 active members at this time. Our members are experienced mountaineers, climbers, alpinists, speleologists, skiers, scuba divers, paraglidists, etc., who are most influential in their basic mountaineering associations. During all these years of our rescue work we gained recognition for devotion, courage and efficiency judged by people in need who were satisfied by our service. Therefore at the present, Mountain Rescue Service is a specific trademark of Serbian mountaineering and all other related activities. Consequently, our appearance is always noted and appreciated.

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