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How to get

Kopaonik is located in the southern part of Serbia, 270 km from its capital Belgrade and there are several different ways to reach it.


Two major airports operates in Serbia.

The first and the largest is Nikola Tesla airport in Belgrade. You can find a lot of international flights to Belgrade and all major companies have daily flights to Belgrade. Kopaonik is distanced 270 km and you can reach it by coach or by bus which operates few times a day.

If you choose to travel with a coach aprox price for person is and by buss …

The closest international airport to Kopaonik Konstantin Veliki in Nis. It is 118 km far away from Kopaonik. It usually host a charter flights and again you can choose a coach or a bus but in this case the bus operates only on weekends.


A highway and major regional roads lead to Kopaonik.

The very same top of Kopaonik can be reached in three different directions, from towns Brus and Brzece, Josanicka banja or from the towns Raska and Rudnica. All  roads are regularly clean and maintained.

The only route to the extreme conditions of heavy snow can be impassable at a certain time is the route through Brzeća, the saddle Jaram

Conditions of all the roads can be checked by calling the Service AMSS +381 11/9800 or 987 (if you are in Serbia) cross the country or on our website DAILY INFO. Through these phone AMSS will assist with help on the road and give necessary information about road conditions in Serbia.


See this screenshot AMSS road conditions

Winterization is required depending on weather conditions and in case you do not have your own you can rent or buy in the foothills of Kopaonik in Brzeće and Jošanička banja, depending in which direction you are coming.

Traffic regulation in Serbia is obligate to have winter tires on all wheels or the fines…..

Interantional documents needed

Belgrade-Kraljevo-Josanicka banja-Kopaonik  259 km (over the Ibar highway)

Belgrade-Pojate-Krusevac-Brus – Brzece-Kopaonik 279 km (via highway)

Belgrade-Kragujevac-Kraljevo-Josanicka banj -Kopaonik 290 km

Putni pravci za Kopaonik

Directions to Kopaonik


During the winter season most buses runs daily from all major cities in Serbia


arrives operator
5.45 10.45 LASTA       express bus
7.00 12.15 KAVIM       via  highway, Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Raška
7.00 12.15 JUGOPREVOZ  via  Kruševac, Brus, Brzeće
8.45 13.30 LASTA        express bus via Kruševac
12.00 17.15 KAVIM       via highway, Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Raška


departs arrives operator
5.45 09.45 LASTA       ekspres, samo u sezoni petak, subota i nedelja
7.00 12.15 KAVIM autoput, Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Raška, non stop 2340 din p.k.
7.00 12.15 JUGOPREVOZ   Kruševac, Brus, Brzeće, non stop 2100 din p.k.
8.45 13.30 LASTA    ekspres preko Kruševca, samo u sezoni, svaki dan
12.00 17.15 KAVIM   autoput, Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Raška  non stop 2340 din p.k.


departs arrives operator
 5.45  12.15  JUGOPREVOZ    Beograd, Kruševac, Brus, Brzeće, non stop 2700 din p.k


departs arrives operator
10.15 12.15  KAVIM     via Raska, non stop, 1440din p.k.
15.10 17.15  KAVIM     via Raska, non stop, 1440din p.k.


departs arrives operator
07.00 AS Međugrad
09.05 12.15 KAVIM       via Kraljevo, Raška
14.05 17.15 KAVIM       via Kraljevo, Raška


Polazak arrives operator
10.15 12.15  JUGOPREVOZ      an    via Brus, Brzeće, non stop


Polazak arrives operator
5.50 9.20 NIŠEXPRES             only on weekends


Polazak Dolazak operator
5.45  7.15 KAVIM        via Rudnica, non stop, 220 din one way
6.15  8.00 KAVIM        via Josanicka banja, non stop, 340 din one way
12.15  13.45 KAVIM        via Rudnica, non stop, 340 din one way
12.30  14.15 KAVIM        via Josanicka banja non stop, 340 din one way
17.00  18.30 KAVIM        via Rudnica, non stop,  340 din one way

Please check the official timetable before plannig your trip!



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